Be Human: cronache terrestri

Be Human: Terrestrial Chronicles

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 105'

A musical documentary that relives a Subsonica concert in full immersion: the crush of the bodies, the screams, the booming music. Images of the concert alternate with those of life on tour: the backstage, setting up the dates, TV appearances, a few fragments recorded by the Subsonica themselves, messages sent to the group by their fans, fragments of an onboard diary and an interview at the end of the tour.

Be Human isn’t a film about a concert in a strictly television sense (I’ve always been bored by watching concerts on television in my living room). Rather, it’s the photograph, often purposely disjointed and rather unorganized, of a period in the life of the Subsonica, which also is fairly disjointed and unorganized. From this point of view, the film is more like a documentary than a classic recounting of the group’s performing talents. It’s extremely involving, confirmation that Subsonica’s draw lies in their ability to be a true and authentic group, who disguise themselves as ‘pop icons’ when necessary.” (L. Pastore)


film director

Luca Pastore

Luca Pastore (Turin, Italy, 1961) founded the production company Legovideo in 1983 with Alessandro Cocito. He has directed documentaries, video clips, TV jingles and commercials and his works have been broadcast by TV stations such as Rai, Arte, RaiSat, La7, Mtv and Sky. In 2001, his documentary Io arrivo da Giove received the Jury Award at the Torino Film Festival, at which he has also participated with various films, including I dischi del sole (2005), which received a nomination for a David di Donatello and the Jury Prize at RomaMusicDocFest. He also has made four albums with the punk noise group Fluxus.


filmografia essenziale/essential filmography 

Il processo (cm, 1984), Ultima spiaggia (coregia/codirector Alessandro Cocito, cm, 1986), Adieu Dalì (coregia/codirector Alessandro Cocito, 1987), Unoequattordici (coregia/codirector Alessandro Cocito, cm, 1988), Ufficio di collocamento (coregia/codirector Alessandro Cocito, cm, 1993), Ira (1994), Senza titolo (coregia/codirector Alessandro Cocito, cm, 1995), Welat/Patria (1998), Derelict Land (cm, 1999), 30 Seconds over Moscow (2000), Io arrivo da Giove (2001), Come fossili cristallizzati nel tempo (2002), I dischi del sole (doc., 2004), Subsonica extraterrestre (2005), Volumi all’idrogeno-kartakanta (2006), Oma e chimica (2007), Ganci (cm, doc., 2007), Freakbeat (2011).