Cada vez que...

Each Time that...
by Carlos Durán
Country: Spain
Year: 1968
Duration: 85'

Barcelona, the 1960s. Serena, the director of a cultural center, arrives in Rome and renews her old friendship with the adman Marc. In the meantime, Marc’s colleague Salva and the young model Ana thus meet and the two soon fall in love. Serena and Marc, even though they care deeply for each other, are content with the deep affection that unites them as friends.

“As a director, Carlos uses an apparently simply technique that is actually quite complicated. He obtains a perfect balance between the location, which is always natural, the expressive freedom of the actors and a movie camera that is like an extra guest at the party. On the other hand, as a screenwriter he has managed to avoid ‘prefabricated’ scripts and narrative structures. He consciously deprives himself of those comforts which belong to that theme-based cinema that is usually called ‘social;’ he has never lapsed into that naive error of wanting to reform society with a film but, on the contrary, he has photographed a world he likes and which he considers desirable and convenient.” (J. Jordá)


film director

Carlos Durán

Carlos Durán (Barcelona, 1935 - 1988) moved to Paris during the early 1960s to study at the IDHEC. After an apprenticeship as assistant director, he debuted as a director with the short film Raimon (1966), which had problems with the censors. His overall filmic opus is fairly small, but it perfectly represents the aesthetics of the School of Barcelona. In virtue of the unflagging experimental spirit that characterizes his works, he often sparked perplexity in the public of his time.


Raimon (cm, 1966), Ventolera (1966), Cada vez que… (1967), Bibici Story (1969), Libertina 90 (1970), Sobre la hierba virgen (1975), Sanitat (1977), El barri dels besos (1979), Agresion Contadina (1979), La Encuesta a la pe (1982)