by David Perlov
Country: Israel
Year: 1983
Duration: 330'

Diary is the personal diary of a man and, at the same time, a testimony of 12 years of Israeli history. The 6 chapters that make up the film (1973-1983) take us from Tel Aviv to Brazil, where Perlov was born. The film is also a family diary in which the director records the coming of age of his two daughters and remembers the meetings with Isaac Stern, Joris Ivens and Klaus Kinsky. A mixture of home movies, political documentary and cinéma-verité, Diary is a unique work that is the result of 10 years of shooting and 5 of editing.

“The decision to make a film diary came to me during the Yom Kippur War. I was busy making a film for television and it was the first time I was working with a 16mm camera. I was in Jerusalem, when all of a sudden, a prostitute showed up and I started talking to her. I was about to forget what I had come for. Her monologue was impressive and it was obvious that with my new camera I could easily film her. And I said to myself: ‘That’s what I should do; wander around with a camera and shoot.’” (D. Perlov)


film director

David Perlov

David Perlov (Rio de Janeiro, 1930 - Tel Aviv, 2003) moved to Paris in 1952 and made his first film, Tante chinoise et les autres, in 1957. He emigrated to Israel in 1958 and began making a series of documentaries, including In Jerusalem (1963), a milestone in Israeli cinema. In 1973 he began filming Diary, a flowing which would take 10 years to finish. Since then he has dedicated himself to teaching at the University of Tel Aviv Department of Film and Television. In 1999 he received the Israel Prize for Cinema and in 2005 the Centre Pompidou dedicated a retrospective to him.


Tante Chinoise Et Les Autres (Old Aunt China, cm, 1957), Shoemakers’ Alley in Jaffa Jérusalem (doc., 1959), Fishermen in Jaffa (doc., 1960), In Thy Blood Live (doc., 1962), In Jerusalem (doc., 1963), Tel Katzir (doc., 1964), Teatron Israeli (Theatre in Israel, doc., 1967), Glula, Ha- (The Pill, 1967), 42:6 (doc., 1969), Navy (doc., 1970), Diary, (doc., 1973-1983), Biba (doc., 1977), Tel Katzir 1993 (doc., 1993), Yavne Street (doc., 1994), The Silver Platter (doc., 1995), Meetings with Nathan Zach (doc., 1996), Anemones (cm, 2000), Revised Diary 1990-1999 (doc., 2001), My Stills (doc., 2003)