Country: USA
Year: 2006
Duration: 35'

On the night before his release from a Los Angeles County Probation Camp, Jemal finds himself in a moral dilemma when the killer of his sister checks into camp. “I chose to augment my reliance on amateur talent with the formal training that professional actors bring to the set. That eclecticism is the hallmark of my style. The tensions thus created and maintained between professionals who don’t know what to expect from the amateurs, and the amateurs who might feel intimidated by the professional actors leads to a kind of asymmetrical tension that yields immediate visual counterparts and results. Thus by capturing the wards within a film they must share with professional actors, I duplicate contain, and frame the tensions of their everyday lives.” (A. Muñoz)


film director

Alex Muñoz

Alex Muñoz received his MFA from USC School of Cinema and Television, and began directing national commercials while still a student. His first short film, Por Vida (1996), won several awards and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2002 he started teaching film-making to incarcerated youth within the California Youth Authority. Three years later, Muñoz created the non-profit organization FYI: Films by Youth Inside. Dilemma (2006), funded by the Black Hollywood Education Resource Center, stars three youth he worked with at Probation Camp David Gonzales.


Por vida (cm, 1996), Riot (ep. Caught in the Fever, TV, 1997), Living the Life (2000), The Return of Our Elder Hurao (cm, 2006), Dilemma (mm, 2006)