Directed by

Directed by

Country: USA
Year: 1971
Duration: 108'

35 years later Directed by John Ford, the famous documentary about the great director Bogdanovich has decided to realize a new version of it. The initial version of Directed By John Ford featured John Wayne, Henry Fonda and James Stewart describing how they worked with the master. Interviews with Ford and selected clips from his films offered rare insights into his process. All of that, along with narration by Orson Welles, can be found in the new version; what’s new are interviews with Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Walter Hill and Martin Scorsese.

“After Ford passed away, I felt we could do a better job. So I collaborated with Frank Marshall, Turner Classic Movies and Warner Home Video and we created this entirely new film. The only content we kept from the first one was about 45 minutes of the original interviews with John Wayne, John Ford, Henry Fonda and James Stewart. Now the film is much richer and contains an enormous amount of information that was not included in the original. Also, I interview myself and speak about Ford.” (P. Bogdanovich)


film director

Peter Bogdanovich

Peter Bogdanovich (Kingston, New York, 1939), a fanatic film lover and passionate admirer of the Nouvelle Vague, during the 1960s wrote books and made documentaries about Welles, Hawks, Hitchcock, Ford and Lang. He then became a film director and one of the best known authors of New Hollywood, directing films like The Last Picture Show (1971), What’s Up, Doc? (1972), Paper Moon (1973) and Nickelodeon (1976). In the 1980s he returned to success with Mask (1985) and in 1990 he realized Texasville, sequel of Last Pictures Show 20 years after. In the 1990s he continued to alternate works as a film critic and as a director, realizing above all TV movies.


Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Woman (1968), Targets (Bersagli, 1968), The Last Picture Show (L’ultimo spettacolo, 1971), Directed by John Ford (doc., 1971-2006), What’s Up, Doc? (Ma papà ti manda sola?, 1972), Paper Moon (id., 1973), Daisy Miller (id., 1974), At Long Last Love (Finalmente arrivò l’amore, 1975), Nickelodeon (Vecchia America, 1976), They All Laughed (…e tutti risero, 1981), Mask (Dietro la maschera, 1985), Texasville (id., 1990), Noises Off… (Rumori fuori scena, 1992), The Thing Called Love (Quella cosa chiamata amore, 1993), The Cat’s Meow (Hollywood Confidential, 2001), The Mystery of Natalie Wood (tv, 2004).