Election 2

Election 2
by Johnnie To
Country: Russia
Year: 2006
Duration: 92'

Wo Sing is Hong Kong’s oldest Triad Society. Under the leadership of its current Chairman Lok, it has grown to become the most feared crime organization in the city. Jimmy, an educated gangster, wants to go clean by building a legitimate business empire. His profit-making enterprises have made him a favorite in the upcoming Chairman election. But his popularity also brings him to the attention of the Chinese authorities as he is the perfect middleman to bring the Triads and the Government into peaceful co-existence. And Jimmy unwillingly embarks on a violent campaign trail...

“In 1997, Hong Kong returned to Chinese sovereignity after one hundred years of British colonial rule. For both Hong Kong citizens and observers abroad, the feeling was that of mixed anxiety, anticipation and reservation. In Election 2, as our lead character Jimmy contemplates the future of Triad Society, he is at a loss as to what the future holds for Hong Kong.” (Johnnie To)


film director

Johnnie To

Johnnie To (Hong Kong, 1955) began working in 1972 at the television network TVB, where he became director, screenwriter and producer. In 1980 he directed his first film, The Enigmatic Case, but the poor box office returns convinced him to return to television, where he remained until 1986, the year of Happy Ghost 3. He achieved commercial success with All About Ah-Long (1989) and The Heroic Trio (1992) and then founded the production company Milkyway Image, specialized with gangster movies. In 2004 he presented at Torino Film Festival Breaking News and Yesterday Once More, and in 2005 Election.


Bi shui han shan duo ming jin (The Enigmatic Case, 1980), Kai xin gui zhuang gui (Happy Ghost 3, 1986), You jian A Lang (All About Ah Long, 1989), Dung fong saam hap (The Heroic Trio, 1992), Wu wei shen tan (Loving You, 1995), Shi wan huo ji (Lifeline, 1997), Cheong feng (The Mission, 1999), Chuen jik sat sau (Fulltime Killer, 2001), PTU (2003), Dai si gein (Breaking News, 2004), Yau doh lung fu bong (Throw Down, 2004), Lung fung dau (Yesterday Once More, 2004), Hak seh wui (Election, 2005), Hak se wui yi wo wai kwai (Election 2, 2006), Fong juk (Exiled, 2006), Man jeuk (Cultured Bird, 2006)