Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 40'

"All you travelers who are tired of infallible cities and their tidy beauty, try venturing out one evening into the straight, disquieting boulevards of Turin, a city of plains interwoven by infinity. Daring architecture awaits you, ambushes." (Michel Vernes)

For the past 50 years, Elio Luzi has enjoyed dotting Turin's rhythm with adventuresome and imaginative architecture.

"Eliorama is the first, intimate and eccentric form of a work dedicated to the architect Elio Luzi and his city, Turin. His works, like he himself, seem to come from a country very similar to that of cinema, perhaps the one of childhood." (M. Casale, A. Momo)


film director

Maicol Casale

Maicol Casale (Turin, 1972) is involved in graphics and visual communications. He works on editorial projects dealing with cinema and contemporary art and also creates videoproductions that have been selected to participate in Italian and international film festivals.


nosign (cm, 2003), 8101410 (doc., 2003), Prima che arrivi il buio (cm, 2005), Il tempo di Marzullo (cm, 2006)

Maicol Casale, Alberto Momo: Eliorama (doc., 2006)




Best Italian Documentary