Entropic Party

Entropic Party

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 30'

“Entropic party is fundamentally a game in which order and chaos follow upon each other without any solution of continuity. The vjing is no longer viewed as a passive visual support for a certain type of club-music, but rather, it creates an interaction with the musician in a dialog between peers. A new idea in instant compositions, in which the audiovisual images blend together or clash in real time. Despite its negation of easy spectacularization, this ‘party’ doesn’t deny its finality as pure entertainment, but it also tries to work on physical sensorial stimuli that are tied to a certain live memory that has been lost. Through the succession of continuous contrasts and paradoxes, the result should be an entertaining, yet never, self-satisfied, concept.” (Økapi, Pintaycolorea)


film director

Økapi e Pintaycolorea

The Økapi is a mammal from the Ituri forest in Upper Zaire, whose peculiarities is that it is the only mammal that can clean its ears with its tongue in order to better hear the melodies of nature. It loves ferocious, vindictive songs and fight for the hegemony of music that is incorrect and impossible to listen to. It hates to talk about music and certain sound purists of that jungle are certainly not its friends. In recent years it plays for the tribal rites of the Dogon and the intimate deliriums of the Metaxu, but it often prefers solitude and thus has published on its own a hymn to protophonia (Where’s the Beef?) for Inlfatabl.rec.

Pintaycolorea (Salamanca, Spain, 1978), after graduating in Fine Arts, began her career as a VJ at the Supperclub in Amsterdam, along with the illustrator and VJ Ottograph. After two years she moved to Rome, where she now lives and works as an art director and video performer. She is part of the VJ group Flxer.net.