Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 6'

H20 is a scientific cabinet, a container of water, in which primordial beings germinate, grow, evolve and multiply.

“From the darkness visible pulsations emerge, fragments of unresolved identities, condemned to restless mobility. What remains is the reflection of light, the intuition of a placid collision, floating, fluid, evasive. Water, a palpable container. It can be felt and seen. An immersion in a mellow universe, with mobile, indefinite contours, for the only length of time possible: the length of a free dive.” (Citrullo International, Studio Brutus)


film director

Citrullo International

Citrullo International (Luciano Barcaroli, Carlo Hintermann, Gerardo Panichi, Daniele Villa) is an independent production company and a group of artists. Their activities range from making documentaries to publishing books about cinema. Animated by a spirit of research, in recent years they have been working on a synthesis of animation and filmed material with Studio Brutus. They participated at the 2004 Torino Film Festival with the documentary Chatzer: volti e storie di ebrei a Venezia.


Rosy-Fingered Dawn: un film su Terrence Malick (2002), Chatzer: volti e storie di ebrei a Venezia (doc., 2004), F for Fontcuberta (2005), Badlands, an American Fairytale (2006), H2O (cm, 2006)

Studio Brutus

Studio Brutus, which was founded in 1999 under the name Chimp, is a design studio that is active in various sectors: animation, game design, web design, video broadcast-web, graphic design and production design. Founded by Lorenzo Ceccotti, Gianluca Abbate, Mauro Staci and Massimo Ronca, it has produced works for Lucas Film, Lego, Nick Toons and MTV, among others.


H2O (cm, 2006)