Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 7'

A sequence shot in which a disputed war turns into a country celebration. But is Hope 1 only a dream or a hope?, asks the only living spectator, as he watches the scene perplexed. “In a world that is threatened, a hope – Hope 1 – is in the imagination, in the art, in the fantasy.” (D. Pignatelli)


film director

Daniele Pignatelli

Daniele Pignatelli (Milan) graduated from CFP, the Milan Professional Training Center for Film Technology. Since 1991 he has worked with various studios making numerous short videos.


Contromossa (cm, 1984), Le notti selvagge di Billy (doc., 1985), Di cosa parliamo quando parliamo d'amore (cm, 1986), Kantor, un matrimonio (doc., 1987), I grandi vecchi di Le monde (cm, 1987), Gloria-bijoux (appunti) (cm, 1988), Amati matti (cm, 1996), Terzo° e Mondo (2001).