Il lato grottesco della vita

The grotesque side of life

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 75'

The film studies the effects of tourism in the under-developed socio-economic world of the Sassi di Matera. The people in the film work as unofficial tourist guides; every day they walk the streets of their town talking to groups of people, who are often either distracted or dumbfounded. Above all they spend their days inventing ways to try to shake their townspeople from their provincial stupor and make their own extravagant ambitions come true. The common denominator is the lucid madness that makes their lives abstract and surreal.

"I was interested in the frail borderline between lucidity and madness, logic and creativity. When nothing has changed around you for centuries, like at Sassi di Matera, people tend to create their own worlds, made of imagination and obsessions. The people in the film live in a marginalized world that turns into a possibility for creating, re-interpreting, debunking - without distinctions between true and false. I tried to use an ironic and abstract viewpoint that could reflect the sense of eccentricity and solitude of the people, but also their extreme vitality." (F. Di Giacomo)


film director

Federica Di Giacomo

Federica Di Giacomo (La Spezia, Italy) graduated from the University of Florence in anthropology. For some years she worked for dance theatre, founding the collettivo teatrale Tutti. In 1999, she earned a European MA degree in creation documentaries at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, where she worked on the screenplay of Monos como Becky by Joaquín Jordá (1999) and in En construccion by Louis José Guerin (2001). In 2000 she realized the documentary Los colores de la trance, Marrakesh distribuited by BTV. Since 2001 she has been creating documentaries for Raisat Cinema and other broadcasters. She directed two short movies Close Up (2001) and Suicidio perfetto (2003). In 2006 she made Il lato grottesco della vita, that was awarded at Torino Film Festival with the Cipputi and with the Avanti! Awards, and as Best Documentary at Etno Film Festival 2007. 


filmografia essenziale/
essential filmography
Los colores de la trance, Marrakesh
(doc., 2000), Close Up (cm, 2001),
Suicidio perfetto (cm, 2003), Il lato
grottesco della vita
(doc., 2006),
Housing (doc., 2009).




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