Unheard of-Inuit!

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 75'

The director Davide Manuli and his assistant Jérôme Duranteu take off for Canada to see how the Canadian health service takes care of the Inuit of the North Pole through telemedicine.

“In the winter of 2001 I read an article in a famous weekly magazine about the Inuit (the Eskimos who live in the great northern territories of Canada) and how they receive health care through computers and telemedicine installations connected to hospitals on the mainland. It immediately struck me as unbelievable, or hard to carry out, but it also seemed a fairly valid and original topic for a documentary. […] When we got to Ottawa we interviewed the inventor of telemedicine, who didn’t convince us. We left for the great North, the land of the Inuit, and confirmed our suspicions that this type of assistance had never been initiated because of a series of different problems. But since we were there, we went ahead anyway to see how the Eskimos live and what they do.” (D. Manuli)


film director

Davide Manuli

Davide Manuli (Milan, 1967) lived in New York from 1987 to 1992 and worked as an actor at the Actors Studio and at the Lee Strasberg Institute. He later worked as an assistant for Al Pacino and Charly Laughton at CHAL Productions. After acting in the film Enchanted April (1992) by Mike Newell, he won a scholarship at the 1995 Premio Solinas for the screenplay of the feature film Girotondo, giro intorno al mondo (1998). Between 1997 and 2004 he directed 4 shorts, one documentary about Abel Ferrara in Rome, that was never completed, and Contromano, the backstage of the film Controvento by Peter del Monte (2000).


Oh, Péggy Oh!... Péggy yé yé (cm, 1992), A Pack of Smokes (cm, 1993), Entre la chair et l’ongle, il y a la crasse (cm, 1994), Bombay: Arthur Road Prison (cm, 1998), Girotondo, giro intorno al mondo (1998), Inauditi - Inuit! (doc., 2006)