Le tombeau d'Alexandre

Le tombeau d'Alexandre

Country: France
Year: 1993
Duration: 120'

The film is dedicated to the Soviet communist filmmaker Alexander Ivanovich Medvedkin (1900-1989). Marker traces his long difficult career, delves into a mass of archive material, explores his lost and rediscovered works, interviews his friends, relatives and others who knew him. Le Tombeau d’Alexandre becomes in this way a historical film poetically didactic, a history of the USSR and Soviet cinema.

The magazine “Filmcritica” presents Le Tombeau d’Alexandre by Chris Marker, a film in which the empirical evidence of a reflection on History is combined with a reflection of dialectic cases of the present. Marker wrote to the great filmmake: “They say you’re a dinosaur. But look what happened to the dinosaurs, children love them…”