Le variazioni del signor Quodlibet, film studio in III variazioni

The variazioni of mr. Quodlibet, a film study in III variations

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 55'

Mr. Fabio Quodlibet wants to shoot a film. Day by day he thinks about how, why and with whom it should be made.

“Aldo Maria Pennacchini made many films in the past, he was generic, antagonistic and had other human experiences at the limits of his problems that took him out of that world. Each time I meet him he asks me if I’ll let him make a film, says that he would like to make one and get back to what he considers grand cinema, and each time he asks me I am deeply touched. [...] For a while I had been thinking about making a film in total poverty, intimate, austere, with a camera and a microphone, a sort of amateur manifesto, but without the reinforced structure of film manifestos, that are sometimes necessary in order to support the clash that they are meant to spark. I wanted to attempt an impossible challenge: a film in III variations that hints at the structure of a Quodlibet. An audiovisual Quodlibet following Bach. Alternations, codas, counterpoints, two thematic leaps, sacred and profane themes.” (F. Ferraro)


film director

Fabrizio Ferraro

Fabrizio Ferraro studied film and the philosophy of language; he then dedicated himself to photography and has organized encounters and film retrospectives. From 2000 to 2001 he directed the Terzo Cinema International Film Exhibit. He then published Breviario di estetica audiovisiva amatoriale - Natura, immagine, etica (2006) and,  between 2006 and 2008, he made a film tetralogy about amateurship, each portion was presented singly at various festivals, including the Torino Film Festival and FID Marseille. In 2009 he directed Je suis Simone - La condition ouvrière, which received a special mention at the 27th Torino Film Festival, followed the year later by Piano sul pianeta - Malgrado tutto, coraggio Francesco!




Le variazioni del signor Quodlibet - Film studio in III variazioni (mm, 2006), Suite in amore - Alto/basso/sotto (doc., 2007), Malvisto Maledetto - Film studio in III durate (2008), Sopralluoghi all’inferno - Tracce audiovisive per il film su Simone (mm, doc., 2008), Je suis Simone - La condition ouvrière (doc., 2009), Piano sul pianeta - Malgrado tutto, coraggio Francesco! (doc., 2010), Ethos (verrà presto il giorno in cui gli attori e le attrici non crederanno più che le loro maschere e i loro costumi siano essi stessi) (cm, 2011).