Lo sguardo di Ofelia

Ofelia's Gaze

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 16'

The image of Ophelia, broken into fragments in deep water, regains her form as her curiosity is sparked by the warm, masculine voices talking about her with nostalgia and visionary intensity. Manuel Agnelli, Stefano Bollani, Giancarlo Cauteruccio, Sergio Bustric, enrico ghezzi, Francesco Guccini, Morgan, Mauro Pagani, Alfonso Santagata, Adriano Sofri, and Massimo Verdastro reflect, play music, recite and tell about this enigmatic, fascinating figure, all the while running the risk of drowning with her.

“I thought about a combination of fragmented radio clips, like an old television broadcast. I thought about the mono audio of the TV in the dining room when there was still only one channel. I catapulted the clips into a worn-out, disturbed, anarchical screen, like fragments from archives and their thousands of other fragments that have never been rebroadcast. The theme gets lost along the way, it’s almost neglected, like an inconvenient pretext for speaking about something else: an enormous mirror submerges me, submerges Ophelia, the speakers are imprisoned in a screen as though they were in an abandoned aquarium.” (G. Staino)


film director

Graziano Staino

Graziano Staino (Florence, 1972) studied painting at the Arts Academy in Florence, and in 1998 moved to New York where he continued his career as a painter. In 2000 he shifted his interest towards the world of video and photography and he shot his first feature film M.O.K.A. He later made other short films, all of them presented at international festivals. In 2003 he published a collection of poems and founded the Fuoriorbita production company. His debut as a director for the theatre started with the show INAUS, performed by the Gogmagog company and Emidio Clementi. In 2005 he organized the Invidea Festival 2005 and in 2006 he organized the first Festival di Ofelia for the municipality of Agliana. He is presently a technical consultant for the Axe Italia project and artistic director of the 16mm Festival.


M.O.K.A (2000), Oblivian (cm, 2001), The Last Tears from Planet Earth (cm, 2003), Minute stanze (video, 2005), Ofelia (cm, 2005), Le gabbie dell’infinito (cm, 2005), Lo sguardo di Ofelia (cm, 2006)