Masters of Horror 2: The Screwfly Solution

Masters of Horror 2: The Screwfly Solution

Country: USA
Year: 2006
Duration: 60'

When a shooting star mysteriously traces the heavens, a fearful epidemic starts to spread. A virus targets all men, turning them into psychotic killers of all women. What will happen to the human race when there is only one woman left?

The Screwfly Solution is a story I’ve been chasing for years. It was written in the ’70s and I first read it in the ’80s. I wanted to do it as a feature, but realistically it’s a little too dark for a feature film. That’s one of the things about Masters of Horror that’s so cool: you get to do material you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else. It’s only incidentally science fiction. It has a certain sociological quality, which I find attractive. It’s all based on actual behaviours, and when you go around the world, the treatment of women is rather varied and often not all that great. It’s not exactly a feminist tract, but I think you’ve got an interesting subtext.” (J. Dante)


film director

Joe Dante

Joe Dante (Morristown, New Jersey, 1948) studied at the Philadelphia College of Art. He made his first full-length film in 1968, a 420-minute-long experimental film made by editing B-movie clips: The Movie Orgy. Public recognition of his artistry arrived with Piranha (1978) and The Howling (1980), in which the director interprets horror in a modern key. In 1984 he made Gremlins for Steven Spielberg, followed by a sequel in 1990. His two films The Second Civil War (1997) and Small Soldiers (1998) were parodies of war. In 2003 he made Looney Tunes: Back in Action with the famous Warner Bros. characters; the film premiered in Italy at the Torino Film Festival.


The Movie Orgy (1968), Hollywood Boulevard (1976), Piranha (id., 1978), The  Howling (L’ululato, 1981), Gremlins (id., 1984), Explorers (1985), Innerspace (Salto nel buio, 1987), The Burbs, (L’erba del vicino, 1989), Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Gremlins 2 - La nuova stirpe, 1990), Matinée (id., 1993), The Second Civil War (La seconda guerra civile americana, 1997), Small Soldiers (id., 1998), Looney Tunes: Back in Action (id., 2003), Haunted Lighthouse (2003), Masters of Horror (ep. Homecoming, TV, 2005; ep. The Screwfly Solution, TV, 2006)