Masters of Horror 2: Valerie on the Stairs

Masters of Horror 2: Valerie on the Stairs

Country: USA
Year: 2006
Duration: 60'

Is there any difference between things only imagined and things that are real? Rob Hanissee, an unpublished writer newly arrived at a tumbledown writers’ retreat, is trapped in horror. His fellow writers have created an evil Beast that cannot be satiated, either with the love of a beautiful slave or with blood and more blood. Red dripping death follows Rob across the line between life and fiction.

“There have been original scripts done for Masters of Horror, but this one, Clive Barker wrote the treatment specifically for us. I think he was really interested in me directing this. Clive and I have already worked together on Quicksilver Highway. This really was a great opportunity to do something special. I know that the real horror fans hated Chocolate and they didn’t think it was really a horror movie. This is not a traditional horror movie, but certainly more traditional in the sense that it’s mythological, there’s a monster, and there’s fear.” (M. Garris) 


film director

Mick Garris

Mick Garris (Santa Monica, California, 1951) has produced and directed some episodes for the fantasy and horror series Amazing Stories and Tales from the Crypt and has written screenplays for horror films. He appeared as a zombie in Michael Jackson’s Thriller, directed by John Landis, and in 1988 he directed Critters 2. In 1994 he directed an 8-hour television version of The Stand by Stephen King, which features cameos by John Landis, Sam Raimi and Stephen King himself. He is one of the creators and executive producers of the series Masters of Horror.


Amazing Stories (ep. Life on Death Row; Storie incredibili, TV, 1985), Critters 2 (id., 1988), Freddy’s Nightmares (TV, 1988), Tales from the Crypt (ep. Whirlpool; Racconti dalla cripta, TV, 1989), Psycho IV: The Beginning (TV, 1990), Sleepwalkers (I Sonnambuli, 1992), The Stand (L’Ombra dello scorpione, TV, 1994), The Shining (id., TV, 1997), Quicksilver Highway (TV,  1997), Host (TV, 1998), The Others (TV, 2000), The Judge (TV, 2001), Lost in Oz (TV, 2002), Riding the Bullet (2004), Masters of Horror (ep. Chocolate, TV, 2005; ep. Valerie on the Stairs, TV, 2006)