Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 13'

Matter that lives in a spiral as it traverses time. A support to a voyage made in solitary uneasiness, the images slip across the screen, writing their own memory.

“A document that tells about a place, a memory, a feeling. Space is captured at the moment it disappears to transform itself into images. The signs, the looks, the actions, all dissolve to slip across the screen. Territory becomes a pretext to talk about oneself, to tell the story of one’s life. Time, images, sounds and rhythms become an abstract and documental conception of movement and visions.” (E. Mandirola)


film director

Enrico Mandirola

Enrico Mandirola (Torino, Italy, 1977) studied cinema at the Dams in Torino before moving to Paris and working as a director of photography. He has made the short films Gioco, Sipar - Ciné-oeil nº1, Monica, which was presented in competition at the 2006 Torino Film Festival, and À l’aube. He presently lives in Bogotá, where he is involved in researching experimental film techniques in Super8 and 16mm at the artisan laboratory KinoLab, which he co-founded.  



Gioco (cm, 1999), Sipar - Ciné-oeil nº1 (cm, 1999-2006), Monica (cm, 2006), À l’aube (cm, 2008), El cuento (cm, 2011).