Nel castello del Catajo

Catajo's Castle

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 20'

The film describes the great battles of Gian Battista Zelotti’s frescos. The camera runs across the frescos in a restless whirling of sudden shots of the backgrounds of battles, while smoky fogs wrap up soldiers and landscape mingling with clouds and earth vapours. This is a tale that looks like a dream, and here is dreamt again from different perspectives. “I imagined that the Catajo’s Castle (Sixteenth century), where Obizi family lived, got back to its past glories. When the colour peeled off the walls, I then wanted to fresco again with the camera, projecting Gianbattista Zelotti’s frescos on the walls of the caste. I tried to create an effect that could get back the evocative power of the wall paintings of the Grotte by Lascaux, where the indefinite stroke of sharp images yet with blurred contours brings back the dimension of memory. And so, here in the Catajo’s Castle, we see what we see, remembering what we have just seen.” (E. Sgarbi)