Year: 2005
Duration: 115'

April 12th, 2004. The journalist Kobayashi Masafumi’s house burned down. Kobayashi was found missing while his wife’s burned corpse was found in the house. Kobayashi was famous for his studies on various paranormal activities and events and for his reportages, articles, books and videos on the argument. The burning occurred right after the completion of Kobayashi’s latest documentary, Noroi - The Curse, that tells a story connected to the blaspheming ritual, which still continues to this day.

“I’ve worked on numerous coverage dealing with supernatural phenomenon regardless of its themes. I’ve never came up against such an immense subject matter before. The mysterious entity called Kagutaba and numerous curses that are thought to have being caused by this Kagutaba exist in the heart of this whole matter.” (Kobayashi Masafumi)


film director

Kōji Shiraishi

Kōji Shiraishi (Fukoka, Japan, 1973) graduated in filmmaking from Kyushyu Sangyo University and started working as director’s assistant. He made his first feature, Ju-rei: The Uncanny, in 2004, and soon became one of Japan’s favorite filmmakers in the horror and thriller genre with titles like The Curse (2005), Carved (2007), Grotesque (2009), Occult (2009) and A Record of Sweet Murder (2014). His latest movie, Sadako Vs Kayako (2016), participated to the Toronto Film Festival.


Ju-rei: Gekijō-ban-Kuro-ju-rei (Ju-rei: The Uncanny, 2004), Noroi (The Curse, 2005), Kuchisake-onna (Carved, 2007), Gurotesuku (Grotesque, 2009), Okaruto (Occult, 2009), Teketeke (2009), Teketeke 2 (2009), Shirome (2010), Chō Akunin (2011), Ada: Senritsu-hen (Ada: Part I, 2013), Ada 2: Zetsubō hen (Ada: Part II, 2013), Karuto (Cult, 2013), Aru yasashiki satsujinsha no kiroku (A Record of Sweet Murder, 2014), Sadako Vs Kayako (2016).