Oltre Selinunte

Beyond Selinunte

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 56'

When Vincenzo Tusa was Superintendent of Antiquities for Western Sicily, he had a dream: to protect and save the archeological site of Selinunte from real estate speculation and neglect. For over 20 years he worked to create an archeological park in order to put the spotlight back on his city's culture. Today, Tusa has returned to Selinunte and meets with the workers who helped him at the excavation site. "To me, it seems reductive to deal with anthropological or social themes without making reference to a specific complex, since I am firmly convinced that documentaries are a sort of 'application room' in which everything gets contaminated. Music plays a specific role in the work: I asked numerous musicians, almost all of them Sicilian, to synchronize their music with the images of the documentary. This poetics of fragments - of a sound-based document - is part of the project, which aims to valorize all that Sicily can produce today, culturally and artistically." (S. Cuccia)


film director

Salvo Cuccia

Salvo Cuccia carries out research in video art, fiction and new forms of documentaries. Since 1990 he has worked at the Filmoteca Regionale Siciliana and in 1995 he won second prize at the Italian Competition of the Festival Cinema Giovani of Turin with the short Un sogno di lumaca. He is now artistic director of the Alba project, 9 documentaries about the arbereshe culture of southern Italy. He has made about 70 films, one of the most recent of which, Détour De Seta (2005), was presented by Martin Scorsese at the Tribeca Film Festival and won at the 2005 Genoa Film Festival.


Duo with Peter Kowald (1993), Raoul not making (1994), Angelica (1995), Videoplunders (1995), Un sogno di lumaca (cm, 1995), Terra Madre (1996), Palermo (1996), Prima Sicilia (1997), Bambini intravisti (1997), Hortophonìa (1997), La cena informale (1998), Cieli Altissimi Retrocedenti (1998- 1999), Verso Venezia (2000), Ce ne ricorderemo, di questo pianeta (2000), Paesaggi Italiani (2000-2001), Specular Cities (2000-2002), La vaga sfera è in questa mano (2002- 2003), Il Satiro danzante (2003-2005), Détour De Seta (2005), Weltanschauung (2006), Oltre Selinunte (mm, 2006)




Documentary Competition: Best Documentary