Pavilion Sansho-Uo

The Pavilion «Salamandre»

Year: 2006
Duration: 98'

In 1867, during the Edo period, the Shogun sent the salamander Kinjiro to Paris to be exhibited at the Universal Exposition. Over a century later, the animal, which has become a national treasure, is still alive, cared for by the Ninomiya family, which runs a foundation dedicated to safeguarding salamanders. One day the scientist Tobishima is ordered to carry out experiments on the salamander, which is suspected of not being the original one. But Azuki, one of the Ninomiya sisters, has been ordered by her father to take the animal to a safe place. Destiny has the two meet during the celebration of Kinjiro’s 150th birthday.

Salamandres were very popular in 19th century Europe, but by that time, they were thought to have extincted there and European people only had seen their fossils. In Japan, however, they still survive, and the oldest one I know is 70 years old now. So I thought that, with a bit of imagination, it might have been exhibited in the Paris Expo then.” (Tominaga Masanori)


film director

Masanori Tominaga

Tominaga Masanori (Japan, 1975) debuted in 1999 with the short Dolmen, which received a prize the next year at the International Festival of Oberhausen. In 2003 Japan’s critics elected him Best Young Director of the Year. The Pavilion “Salamandre” is his first feature-length film.


Dolmen (cm, 1999), Pavilion Sansho- Uo (The Pavilion «Salamandre», 2006)