Politica Zero

Zero Politics

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 118'

The recent Italian political elections reported through the life of the four youngest candidates on the list. From the nominations of the 4 young candidate to the endless election night, this is a representative Italian and European story. From the extreme Right to the extreme Left, this is a snapshot of the relationship between the new generations and politics.

“Politics? Zero! This was the most popular answer to our preparatory investigation into the relationship between young people and politics. This is why we turned to people who had made politics their daily obligation. We wanted to film the rituals of politics, rallies, television interviews, meetings with voting public. We wanted to find out just where politics evolve from youthful passion into a profession (and show-biz); to follow the electoral event in its creation and dismantling. In short, we were looking for m e a n i n g, a trace of the difference between politics as a performance and politics as public service.” (M. Coppola, G. Giommi, A. Piccinini)


film director

Massimo Coppola

Massimo Coppola (Salerno, 1972) he has published two books and has created and conducted several TV and radio programs. He and Giacomo Papi now direct the Milanese publishing house ISBN. 


Massimo Coppola: La regola del contemporaneamente (doc., 2002), Il pareggio non esiste (doc., 2002), Solomon (doc., 2006), Luciano Bianciardi (doc., 2006)

Massimo Coppola, Giovanni Giommi, Alberto Piccinini: Politica zero (doc., 2006)

Alberto Piccinini

Alberto Piccinini is a journalist and television author. He has written various programs for MTV Italia and is a collaborator and editorialist for “il manifesto.”


Massimo Coppola, Giovanni Giommi, Alberto Piccinini: Politica zero (doc., 2006)

Giovanni Giommi

giovanni giommi (Milan, Italy, 1965) studied at the Scuola civica di cinema in Milan, before working as a writer, producer and director for the TV channels Tele + and Mtv Italia. He then made Nel cuore delle alghe e dei coralli - I cento passi di Peppino Impastato, which he shot during the production of the film One Hundred Steps (2000) by Marco Tullio Giordana. He next directed Beisbol and in 2005 he began collaborating with Massimo Coppola on the TV series of TV Avere ventanni. The following year, he presented Politica Zero at the Torino Film Festival and in 2007, always at the TFF, his film Les ninjas du Japon won the Avanti! award. Parafernalia was selected for the Locarno Film Festival and for the 2008 Courmayeur Noir Film Festival.



Sol y sombra (doc., 1997), Nel cuore delle alghe e dei coralli - I cento passi di Peppino Impastato (doc., 1999), Beisbol (doc., 2000), Nice! (doc., 2000), Frames - Variazioni per catena di montaggio (doc., 2004), Avere ventanni (coregia/codirectors Massimo Coppola, Alberto Piccinini, tv, doc., 2005-2007), Politica zero (coregia/codirectors Massimo Coppola, Alberto Piccinini, doc., 2006), Les ninjas du Japon (doc., 2007), Parafernalia (doc., 2008), Bad Weather (doc., 2011).