Quei loro incontri - Gli uomini... Gli dei

These encounters of their - The men... The gods

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 68'

“This is the uninterrupted shooting sequence from a single angle of the mise-en-scène of Quei loro incontri, set in the Teatro di Buti, May 23rd, 2005. The continuity of the shooting of the stage, in only one shot, allows not to abstract the real space during the entire performance; this way of filming has always been demanded by Straub and Huillet for all the shooting of the theatrical performances set in Teatro di Buti, that, from Sicilia! on, preceded the beginning of the work of all their films. Each performance, the final result of the work with the actors, has always remained an absolute premiere; after the end of the film, it has never had a theatrical performance; nevertheless, Jean-Marie and Danièle never demanded it.” (Romano Guelfi)