Country: Iran
Year: 2005
Duration: 96'

Saber who is from war-stricken South, gets his parole for a 48-hour-leave from prison. He travels into metropolis of Teheran with his ex-cellmate and plans to revenge his ex- partner, Sharif. He wants to find his fiancee, Raheleh, and get away with her from the country. But after an unexpected meeting with his step-sister, Sabri, who is a human-trafficker, he achieves a new view of life and its meaning.

“‘Ray-e Baz’ is a parole granted to a convicted person for a leave on weekend. But in the context of the story, this parole means rethinking, reflecting and obtaining new point of views. It is the story of two pals’ trip into depths of metropolis of Teheran. In this trip, they meet a bunch of people who experience such emotions as love, kindness, forgiveness and shedding tears. In the context of an unusual, non- straight forward plot, Parole utilizes a non-repetitive structure to define some common concepts in a more simple way.” (M. Nourbakhsh)


film director

Mehdi Nourbakhsh

Mehdi Nourbakhsh (Iran, 1966) began his film career as assistant director from 1985. Active as executive producer, producer, assistant director and writer in cinema and television, he has directed some TV programs including TV plays, video clips, teasers and documentaries.


In Love with Scarecrow (2004), Ray-e Baz (Parole, 2005)