Short Sentences 1993-2005

Short Sentences 1993-2005

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 33'

276 people recite short sentences.

"Short Sentences 1993-2005 is the first part of a wider project based on the dramatic play Short Sentences (1932) written by Gertrude Stein. Stein’s work is a 560 names and surnames collection accompanied by short sentences. In 1993 I began to ask people I knew to choose one of the names and to recite the correspondent sentence while I shot and recorded their voice. Short Sentences 1993-2005 is a digital editing of the 276 sentences that I shot from 1993 until last autumn.” (F. Gagliardi)


film director

Francesco Gagliardi

Francesco Gagliardi worked for several years in theatre as actor and director. Short Sentences 1993- 2005 is his third work based on a Gertrude Stein’s play after theathrical works Photograph (1993), Doctor Faustus Lights the Light (1999). Now he lives and works both in Canada and the United States.


Short Sentences 1993-2005 (mm, 2006)