The Burning Wake

The Burning Wake

Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 27'

The Burning Wake is the route through a physical and spiritual foreign land by the eyes of the main character; a floating land on dream and reality that becomes a theatre of knowledge and inquiry in its landscapes. A roaddocumentary where the "desire of flight" is the only element able to attract the compass needle by the way through the "border;" a ceremony to give every character his own devotion. The Burning Wake: an humble and evocative witness about exploration.

"Circus is a unique form of live performances in which there are no rules. The integration of new ideas or artistic expressions is essential in order to create good contemporary work and to stimulate the emotions. I believe that the essence of all good work is to be found in the performance, in the physicality, originality and inventiveness, poetry and humour. I enjoy the clash of cultures. I use rhythm/fast beats in all my work alongside layers of imagery and strong use of contrast to switch emotions, like a film score." (Pierrot Bidon)


film director

Giacomo Cesari

Giacomo Cesari (Recanati, Italy, 1983) graduated at Roma’s University La Sapienza with Il dono, l’avamposto e l’enigma, an anthropology video thesis on circus rituals. In 2002 he directed three shorts: Keymind, Dna and Socks, all of them selected in several Film Festivals as Bellaria, Pescara and Salerno. Between 2003 and 2004 he shot Sonic Sofa, Gum and Elettronici marci a spasso su Babele. The third one was produced in collaboration with “Frigidaire” and selected in Film Festivals as Bologna, Ischia and Bra. In 2004 he directed Verso dove a documentary on Vincenzo Sparagna. In 2005 he shot the backstage of the videoclip Tanto by Lorenzo Jovanotti and made an animation video, Cleopatra, selected at Arcipelago International Film Festival (Rome).


Keymind (cm, 2002), Dna (cm, 2002), Socks (cm, 2002), Sonic Sofa (cm, 2003), Gum (2003), Elettronici marci a spasso su Babele (2004), Verso dove (doc., 2004), Tanto (cm, 2005), Cleopatra (2005), The Burning Wake (cm, 2006)