Country: Italy
Year: 2006
Duration: 14'

A man leaves with a suitcase. Someone is looking for him and he can’t return home.

“The film is a trip through a city, taken by a person who is trying to run away but who is held back by his past and by the hope that things might take a turn for the better. But destiny is inexorable.” (P. Lassandro)


film director

Pietro Lassandro

Pietro Lassandro (Florence, 1973) studied Cinema at the University of Florence and in 2002 graduated in Film editing from the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema. He made videos and films for theater and since 2001 has been working as a film editor for the films of Tonino De Bernardi, among others. He lives and works in Rome.


Un uomo che dorme (cm, 1999), Turandot non esiste (cm, 2001), Alceste (cm, 2003), Combien pourtant je me rappelle (cm, 2004), Orme (cm, 2005), Qualcuno arriverà (cm, 2006), Una sera (cm, 2006)