by Lior Shamriz
Country: Germany, Israel
Year: 2009
Duration: 93'

Lucy is a rich American girl who lives in an atmosphere of post-punk
hedonism in Berlin. She wanders the streets with her best friend Derek,
wears flashy clothes and passes her nights between parties, drugs and
alcohol. When she meets Galia, an Israeli girl who just moved to
Germany, she discovers that it’s possible to live a different kind of life.

“One of the main purposes for me in making Saturn Returns was
to investigate contemporary multi-culturalism in a central western city,
and to use the relations between the people portrayed in the film in
order to ask whether what we conceive of as ‘inter-cultural’ only
disguises what has already become one global social-class system.
Berlin, main setting for this story, brings its own troubled history into
the mix, both as the home base of one of the greatest ‘culturally’
motivated crimes in history, and because it was immediately afterwards
controlled by two opposite economic and political systems that coexisted
for almost half a century. ”


film director

Lior Shamriz

Lior Shamriz (Ashkelon, Israel, 1978) moved to Tel Aviv at 18 years of age to dedicate himself to visual arts and music. He then studied film at the Jerusalem Film School and at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. His self-produced medium-length film Japan Japan (2007) was presented at over fifty international events, including the festivals in Locarno and Sarajevo and BAFICI in Buenos Aires, as well as participating in the program dedicated to emerging directors at New York’s MoMA. His first feature-length film, Saturn Returns, was presented at the 2009 Torino Film Festival, was nominated for the Max Ophüls Award and received a prize at the Achtung Berlin Film Festival.




Infantile (cm, 2005), Return to the Savanna (cm, 2005), Ho! Khutz Nora (cm, 2006), Before the Flowers of Friendship Faded Friendship Faded (cm, 2007), Japan Japan (mm, 2007), The Magic Desk (cm, 2009), Saturn Returns (2009), Return Return (cm, 2010), Mirrors for Princes (2011).


& Credits

regia, fotografia,
cinematography, film
editing, producer
Lior Shamriz
soggetto, sceneggiatura/
story, screenplay
Imri Kahn, Lior Shamriz
Assaf Gidron,
Jochen Jezussek
interpreti e personaggi/
cast and characters
Tal Meiri (Galia),
Chloe Griffin (Lucy),
Joshua Bogle (Derek),
Julien Binet,
Martin Deckert,
Heinz Emigholz,
Josheph Shamriz,
Imri Kahn,
Sebastian Bodirsky,
Ayelet Albenda,
Lior Shamriz
vendita all’estero/
production, world sales
Jehuti Motion Pictures