by Thomas Kutschker
Country: Germany
Year: 2009
Duration: 8'

Soundtracks of real and fictitious wars overlap with fixed shots which
become new locations for the sounds of war.

“I made a film about a war photographer who wanted to shoot an
image of war, which he failed to do because he was wounded by a
bomb. The project Shooting Locations started with a sound recording
of war, without images. The American soldier’s mobile phoning home is
a metaphor for itself. The challenge for me was to find an appropriate
visual approach with the idea to ‘bring war home’; to find images to
war and war-like sounds, which are closer to our western hemisphere.
During the research I found the ‘sniper’ sound file, which impressed me.
It was like a link between playing war and real war to me and made
the irritation between real and virtual obvious to me.”


film director

Thomas Kutschker

Thomas Kutschker (Mannheim, Germany, 1963) between 1985 and 1987 was apprentice photographer at the Lette-Verein foundation in Berlin, after which he began his career as a freelance. He started working in cinema in 1989, first as an electrician and assistant director of photography and then as a director of photography. In 1993 he debuted as a director with the short Ich wollte einfach nur dieses Foto haben, followed by the documentaries Belleville and Marita. In 1996 he received his master’s degree in audiovisual media from the Kunsthochschule fur Medien in Cologne and three years later he directed The Vanishing Border. From 2000 to 2005 he was a lecturer in film theory and documentary cinema at Humboldt University in Berlin and in 2008 he realized the short Schattenwelten.


filmografia essenziale/
essential filmography
Ich wollte einfach nur dieses Foto haben (cm, 1993), Belleville (cm, doc., 1993),
Marita (cm, doc., 1995), Die dunklen Lichter (cm, doc., 1997), John E. Loskot
- Der verschwundene Held 
(coregia/codirector Thomas Arnold, 1997), The Vanishing Border (doc., 1999), Schattenwelten (cm, 2008), Shooting Locations (cm, 2009).


& Credits

regia, soggetto,
sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio, produttore/
director, story, screenplay,
cinematography, film
editing, producer
Thomas Kutschker
Filmisches Berlin