Country: USA
Year: 2014
Duration: 87'

Brandy Burre has an important part in the TV series The Wire. When she gets pregnant with the first of her two children, she abandons her promising career and moves to a suburban town with her companion Tim to become a full-time mom. But she soon feels the urge to return to TV; she begins to doubt her existential choices and this threatens her relationship with Tim. Does Brandy consider herself foremost a mother or an actress? How can she reconcile the two things? How much does her desire to act affect her decisions and her relationship with the people around her who love her?


film director

Robert Greene

Robert Greene (NC, USA, 1976) is a director, film editor and movie critic. He debuted in directing with the short The Rehobeth Trilogy (2002), which was followed by Ye Are the Light of the World (Don’t Stare into the Sun) (2003), Six Videos about Tourism (2003), Sports: A 12 Part History (2005), and One Dead in Ohio (2006). He later directed the documentaries Owning the Weather (2009), screened at the UN Climate Change Conference, and Kati with an I (2010), the short Dry Biscuit (2011) and Fake It So Real (2012). He took part to the international documentary competition at the Torino Film Festival 2014 with Actress.


The Rehobeth Trilogy (cm, doc., 2002), Ye Are the Light of the World (Don’t Stare into the Sun) (cm, doc., 2003), Six Videos about Tourism (cm, doc., 2003), Sports: A 12 Part History (cm, doc., 2005), One Dead in Ohio (cm, doc., 2006), Owning the Weather (doc., 2009), Kati with an I (doc., 2010), Dry Biscuit (cm, doc., 2011), Fake It So Real (doc., 2012), Actress (doc., 2014), Kate Plays Christine (doc., 2016).


film director

“I write and talk a lot about pushing the documentary form past the boring stuff we normally see, so exploring the way people perform their social identities through a metaphorical examination of how an actor can’t stop performing even if she wanted to was really exciting to me.”


& Credits

regia, fotografia, montaggio/director, cinematography, film editing
Robert Greene
Brandy Burre
Douglas Tirola, Susan Bedusa
4th Row Films, Prewan Cinema