by Duane Hopkins
Country: UK
Year: 2014
Duration: 103'

Tim is a young fence for stolen goods who takes care of his family after their mother dies: his younger sister Helen, who skips school on the sly; his grandfather, who lives in a rest home; and his older brother Greg who, after being released from prison, works as a janitor but can’t resist the temptations of Lester, the local boss. He is surrounded by poverty and desperation, but on his side he has Lilly, the love and refuge of his life. When the man who supplies him with the stolen goods is brutally attacked, Tim must deal with the threat of dangerous and merciless criminals. Even his health seems to be weakening. How will he manage to survive?


film director

Duane Hopkins

Duane Hopkins (Cheltenham, UK, 1973) debuted in feature films in 2008 with Better Things, presented at the Semaine de la critique in Cannes that same year. He had previously directed the shorts Field (2001), Love Me or Leave Me Alone (2003) and Cigarette at Night (2011). A video artist as well as a filmmaker, his series of multimedia installations Sunday has participated in personal exhibits all over the world, at important museums and galleries including Toronto’s MoCA and the Bank Art Studio in Yokohama. Bypass was presented in the Orizzonti section at the last Venice Film Festival.


Field (cm, 2001), Love Me or Leave Me Alone (cm, 2003), Better Things (2008), Cigarette at Night (cm, 2011), Bypass (2014).


film director

“It was necessary to stay close to life, to be rooted, but Bypass shows a dramatic reality. These people have very little money. But poverty in the 21st century looks different now to the poverty of fifty years ago. Now it is also the poverty of ambition, of potential, what social theorists refer to as an individual’s ‘horizon of possibility,’ how they view themselves.”


& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura/director, screenplay
Duane Hopkins
David Procter
montaggio/film editing
Chris Barwell
scenografia/production design
Stéphane Collonge
Saunder Jurriaans, Danny Bensi, Christoffer Berg
Joakim Sundström
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
George MacKay (Tim), Charlotte Spencer (Lilly), Benjamin Dilloway (Greg), Donald Sumpter (il nonno/grandfather), Matt Cross (Lester), Lara Peake (Helen), Arabella Arnott (la madre/mother)
Samm Haillay
Erik Hemmendorff, Kate Crowther, Jessica Ask, Andrew McVicar
The Match Factory
Sergi Steegmann