Country: Italy
Year: 2014
Duration: 97'

The lives of five kids suffering from severe illnesses and their families seen up close. Many stories intertwine around them in CasaOz, a residence where unfortunate children can live normally with others, where they can transform together their grief and their challenges into courage and joy of living.


film director

Alessandro Avataneo

Alessandro Avataneo is a filmmaker with a degree in international relations, and a master’s in storytelling, performing arts and digital entertainment. He has worked and filmed in over thirty countries, from Europe, to the United States and Japan. He has made several documentaries, TV formats, music videos, art installations, theatre shows, a musical, and even a novel (Una storia delle colline). He works as a consultant for the Italian and the Dutch government on projects safeguarding their physical and intangible heritage. In 2008, he curated the installations of the Dutch architecture Biennale, and in 2010 he organized campaign to nominate the city of Maastricht as the 2018 European capital of culture. 


In principio era (cm, 2000), The Crib (cm, doc., 2002), L’aperto (cm, 2003), Elettroshow (cm, doc., 2004), Cronosisma 3 (cm, 2004), Run On (cm., 2005), Chimerica (cm, 2005), Prospero (cm, 2006), Pasta Connection (cm, 2008), In via morte morta vita vivo (cm, 2010), Machinarium (cm, 2010), La candela (cm, 2010), 6 come noi (2012), Bruno Leoni (cm, doc., 2013), Poema circular (cm, 2014), CasaOz (doc., 2014).


film director

“CasaOz is a magical place. It can transform feelings and bring the best out of anyone who crosses its threshold. This home is also a circus, a school, a kitchen, a camp, a workshop, a playground and all the great and normal things that reassure children. At a time when society is weakening and everything seems to be loosing meaning, telling these stories means returning to the important things to find an answer to the sense of injustice. Particularly when you are confronted with the worse possible injustice: an illness that could ruin your child’s life, and even end it altogether. To find that answer, you first have to understand what life is. And these children will teach it to us: the answer is in the film.”


& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura, fotografia, montaggio, suono, produttore/director, screenplay, cinematography, film editing, sound, producer
Alessandro Avataneo
musiche originali/music
Diego Vasserot, Sergio Cherubin, Giuseppe Berardi, Nasseh Hinchi
Micol Roggi, Andrei Zapodeanu, Marco Perda, Pietro Turati, Diego Lorusso, Monica Roggi, Gina Vatamanu, Luisa Boella, Maria Suppa, Giancarlo Perda, Alice Giannini, Chiara Bruzzese, Stefania Pellicani, Norma Fontana, Mara Berta, Antonio Marra, Enrica Baricco