Country: Italy, USA
Year: 2014
Duration: 7'

It’s the 1920s, the time of silent era of motion pictures. A sound technician working on set desperately falls in love with the lead actress. While he is handling some cumbersome recording equipment, the microphone accidentally starts recording the only scene he never would have wanted to witness.


film director

Orso Miyakawa

Orso Miyakawa (Monaco, 1992) spent his childhood between Torino and Tokyo. He then moved with his family to Milan, where he went to high school and, after a short parenthesis is Paris, he went to the United States to study film. Smoke is his second short. 


Favorite Things (cm, 2014), Fumo (cm, 2014).  


film director

“Smoke is a parody of silent films from the early 20th century. It was shot without sound, following the style and aesthetic canons of movies from that time. Some of the great filmmakers of the past were jacks-of-all-trades; so, as a sign of respect, I personally composed and performed the soundtrack, and I also played the leading role. We shot the film in a warehouse, where my crew and I lived for the duration of the shooting.”


& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura, montaggio, musica, produttore/director, screenplay, film editing, music, producer
Orso Miyakawa
Andrew Nuzhnyy
scenografia/production design
Orso Miyakawa, Casey Daniel
Orso Miyakawa, Saif Schexnayde, Manoel Hudec, Melodie Shih, Leonardo Ligan, Andrew Puente, Lance Weinhardt, Brian Hayes
Orso Miyakawa