by Sébastien Betbeder
Country: France
Year: 2014
Duration: 34'

Thomas and Thomas are lifelong buddies and, like almost every evening, they meet up at their usual bar in Paris. But something is bothering the first Thomas: in fact, the next day Olee and Adam, two Inuit friends of his father, are to arrive from Greenland. His father had moved to the island a while back and was supposed to accompany the two visitors and spend some time with his son in France, but a hunting accident has forced him to stay at home. Thomas, thus, is to be the tour guide for the two strangers, two “Inupiluk,” gangsters on a mission abroad. And the only person he can count on is his slightly reluctant, good friend Thomas…


film director

Sébastien Betbeder

(Pau, France, 1975) studied at Le Fresnoy and has made numerous shorts, including Les mains d’Andréa (2006). That same year, he directed his first feature film, Nuage, selected at Locarno. In 2008, he presented La vie lointaine at the Torino Film Festival, and the next year the short Toutes les montagnes se ressemblent, directed in collaboration with Christelle Lheureux. In 2010, he shot Yoshido (Les autres vies), selected in Paris and Rotterdam. In 2012 premiered with Les nuits avec Théodore at Onde section, and the following year he won in Turin the Jury Special Prize with 2 automnes 3 hivers. He then presented in Turin the short Inupiluk (2014) and the comedy Ulysse & Mona (2018).


La fragilité des revenants (cm, 1999), Le haut mal (cm, 2000), Des voix alentour (cm, 2003), Nu devant un fantôme (cm, 2005), Les mains d’Andréa (cm, 2006), Nuage (2007), La vie lointaine (mm, 2008), Toutes les montagnes se ressemblent (coregia Christelle Lheureux, cm, 2009), The Unbroken Line (cm, 2010), Yoshido (Les autres vies) (mm, 2010), Sarah Adams (cm, 2011), Les nuits avec Théodore (2012), 2 automnes 3 hivers (2013), Inupiluk (cm, 2014), Le film que nous tournerons au Groenland (cm, 2015), Marie et les naufragés (2016), Le voyage au Groenland (Viaggio in Groenlandia, 2016), Albin de la Simone: Dans la tête (video, 2017), Ulysse & Mona (2018), Debout sur la montagne (2019), Jusqu'à l'os (cm, 2019), Planète triste (cm, 2022), Tout fout le camp (2022), Mimi de Douarnenez (mm, 2023).


film director

“I liked the idea that these four characters manage to create a true friendship even though they don’t speak the same language, as though the thing uniting them went beyond meaning.”


& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura/director, screenplay
Sébastien Betbeder
Sébastien Godefroy
montaggio/film editing
Céline Canard, Sébastien Betbeder
Roman Dymny
Roman Dymny, Jérome Aghion
Thomas Blanchard, Thomas Scimeca, Ole Eliassen, Adam Eskildsen, Gaetan Vourc’h
Frédéric Dubreuil
Envie de Tempête Productions
Envie de tempete Prods
Frédéric Dubreuil