Country: Italy
Year: 2014
Duration: 120'

Who are the people from the Susa Valley fighting against the TAV (high-speed rail) project between Turin and Lyon? The film investigates their identity and the ideas guiding their strenuous rebellion. Ten portraits made of words and silence, revealing the same bitter discovery: the betrayal of national politics, accused of abandoning its citizens to their fate, leaving them alone to deal with the anti-riot police. 


film director

Daniele Gaglianone

Daniele Gaglianone (Ancona, 1966) started collaborating with the Archivio Nazionale Cinematografico della Resistenza in 1991. He made fiction and non-fiction shorts like La ferita (1991), which received an award from the film festival Cinema Giovani di Torino. He directed his first feature I nostri anni in 2000, which was selected by the Directors' Fortnight in Cannes, while his following film Nemmeno il destino (2004) won the Special Jury Award from the Torino Film Festival and the David di Donatello Award for Best Documentary. In 2017, he presented Granma at the Locarno Film Festival, a medium-length film he made with the Nigerian filmmaker Alfie Nze.


filmografia essenziale/essential filmography
Nella solitudine del sangue (cm, 1990), Era meglio morire da piccoli (cm, 1992), L’orecchio ferito del piccolo comandante (cm, 1994), La carne sulle ossa (cm, 1996), I nostri anni (2000), Le domeniche del Signor Mantaut (doc., 2003), Nemmeno il destino (2004), Alle soglie della sera (doc., 2005), Rata neće biti (la guerra non ci sarà) (doc., 2008), Pietro (2009), Ruggine (Rust, 2011), La mia classe (2013), Qui (doc., 2014), Granma (coregia/codirector Alfie Nze, mm, doc., 2017), Dove bisogna stare (doc., 2018).


film director

“Qui (‘here’) is a word often heard in the tales presented in this documentary. It means that something is happening here and now, in this place and in this specific moment in time. It indicates a place where people live with and suffer from something they perceive as an injustice; but it also indicates the chance of experiencing something unique. We are here, and not elsewhere. We are in the Susa Valley, not in some other place. Everything is connected to concrete events and environments, and yet their stories, moved by sense of the urgency associated to those current events, reveal a dimension that transcends the causes that triggered the conflict. Therefore 'qui' isn't elsewhere: it's everywhere."


& Credits

Daniele Gaglianone
Daniele Gaglianone, Giorgio Cattaneo
montaggio/film editing
Enrico Giovannone
Vito Martinelli
Gabriella Tittonel, Aurelio Loprevite, Nilo Durbiano, Cinzia Dellepezze, Alessandro Lupi, Guido Fissore, Marisa Meyer, Luca Perino, Paola Jacob, Francesco Perino
Gianluca Arcopinto, Domenico Procacci
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