by Alexei Pivovarov, Pavel Kostomarov, Alexander Rastorguev
Country: Russia, Estonia
Year: 2014
Duration: 83'

Alexei Navalny, a lawyer and a blogger; Ksenia Sobchak, a well-known face on Russian TV, and her boyfriend,the liberal Ilya Yashin; the left radical politician Sergei Udaltsov. These are the opponents of the Putin government who we are going to get to know, beyond the brief items in newspapers and on news programs, in search of the human, true and complex element of today’s Russia.


film director

Aleksei Pivovarov

Alexei Pivovarov (Moscow, Russia, 1975) is a Russian TV journalist, documentary maker and producer. In 2008 he became a managing editor and a prime time news anchor at NTV. 


Rzhev: General Zhukov’s Unknown Battle (tv, 2009), Moscow. Fall of 1941 (tv, 2010), The Captive Heroes of Brest (tv, 2010), Betrayal: the Story of Vlasov’s Second Shock Army (tv, 2011), June 22, 1941: Fateful Decisions (tv, 2011).

Pavel Kostomarov

Pavel Kostomarov (Moscow, Russia, 1975), after the degree in biology, he graduated from VGIK’s cinematography department. As a DoP, Kostomarov shot features with Aleksei Uchitel, Aleksei Popogrebsky, and Boris Khlebnikov. 


The Transformer (cm, doc., 2004), Mirnaya zhizn (Life in Peace, cm, doc., 2004), La mère (cm, doc., 2007), Vdvoyom (Together, doc., 2009).

Pavel Kostomarov, Aleksandr Rastorguev:
Ya tebya lyublyu (I Love You, doc., 2012), Ya tebya ne lyublyu (I Don’t Love You, doc., 2012).

Aleksandr Rastorguev

Aleksandr Rastorguev (Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 1971) graduated from St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy and worked on the state-owned regional channel Don TV, but was fired for directing Clean Thursday. In 2001 he founded Kino Studio. 


Chistyy chetverg (Clean Thursday, doc., 2003), Zhar nezhnykh. Dikiy, dikiy plyazh (Tender’s Heat: Wild, Wild Beach, doc., 2007).

Pavel Kostomarov, Aleksandr Rastorguev:
Ya tebya lyublyu (I Love You, doc., 2012), Ya tebya ne lyublyu (I Don’t Love You, doc., 2012).


film director

“We didn’t only intend to show the exterior side of the Russian protest and its leaders on the stage (although you can hardly see it on Russian television), but also showed who they are in real life and captured them in a different light. We were filming them where there was no other camera. It’s not an official newsreel — we were looking for these people’s human, intimate side, following them everywhere — even behind the bars of the police station. We didn’t want to shoot talking heads with a monotonous voiceover, we wanted to show the characters from the inside. In our stories you will see ambitions and disappointments, ups and downs, love and separation that happen to everyone, including people in power.”


& Credits

Aleksei Pivovarov, Pavel Kostomarov, Aleksandr Rastorguev
Pavel Kostomarov
Aleksei Pivovarov, Aleksandr Rastorguev, Pavel Kostomarov, Sarkis Orbelyan
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