Country: Belgium, Netherlands
Year: 2013
Duration: 82'

A boy is stabbed to death in the parking lot of a shopping mall. The only witness is his best friend, Jesse, whose life is changed forever by that event. He finds it impossible to deal with the questions of his family and the friends he rides around with on his BMX, or to describe the violence he witnessed. Jesse’s silence isolates him from those around him and creates a distance between him and the increasingly big world.


film director

Bas Devos

Bas Devos (Zoersel, Belgium, 1983) wrote and directed four short films and one feauture film, Violet. Besides his filmic work, he is involved in theater productions as a director and light designer. He currently writes a new feature, Animal Language.


Taurus (cm, 2005), Pillar (cm, 2006), The Close (cm, 2007), We Know (cm, 2009), Violet (2014).


film director

“Violet departs from an act of violence. It initiates a very simple narrative: a process of grief and loneliness through the eyes of a teenager. Both in form and content the film tries to disarm the violence of its opening. The cruel, distant observation of a murder through a cctv monitor, in its silence and indifference, was a necessary start. It was for me a force, a presence that demanded opposition. Not relying on a defined psychological drive, but on the tools of film, I hoped to evoke something of the isolation and powerlessness of the main character.”


& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura/director, screenplay
Bas Devos
Nicolas Karakatsanis
montaggio/film editing
Dieter Diependaele
scenografia/production design
Jeff Otte
costumi/costume design
Bho Roostermann
Joost Roskam
César De Sutter, Raf Walschaerts, Mira Helmer, Brent Minne
Tomas Leyers
Minds Meet
New Europe Film Sales
Anja Sosic