Country: USA
Year: 1970
Duration: 115'

A hard-boiled anchorman arrives in New Orleans, finds work in an ultra-conservative radio station, W.U.S.A., and goes along with the reactionary politics of his sponsor. Then, along with the prostitute he is living with and a progressive activist next-door neighbor, he becomes aware of the corruption that the institutions and the media share. A preview of paranoia in Rosenberg’s honest political drama, with the strong support of Paul Newman (also producer), who considered it one of his best movies.


film director

Stuart Rosenberg


Cool Hand Luke (Nick Mano Fredda, 1967), The April Fools (Sento che mi sta succedendo qualcosa, 1969), Move (Dai... muoviti, 1970), WUSA (Un uomo oggi, 1970), Pocket Money (Per una manciata di soldi, 1972), The Laughing Policeman (L’ispettore Martin ha teso la trappola, 1973), The Drowning Pool (Detective Harper: acqua alla gola, 1975), Voyage of the Damned (La nave dei dannati, 1976), The Amityville Horror (Amityville Horror, 1979), Love and Bullets (Tiro incrociato, 1979), Brubaker (id., 1980), The Pope of Greenwich Village (Il papa di Greenwich Village, 1984), Let’s Get Harry (Eroi per un amico, 1986), My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991).


& Credits

Stuart Rosenberg
soggetto, sceneggiatura/story, screenplay
Robert Stone, dal suo romanzo/from his novel A Hall of Mirrors
Richard Moore
montaggio/film editing
Bob Wyman
scenografia/production design
Philip M. Jefferies
Lalo Schifrin
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Paul Newman (Rheinhardt), Joanne Woodward (Geraldine), Anthony Perkins (Rainey), Laurence Harvey (Farley), Pat Hingle (Bingamon), Cloris Leachman (Philomene)
John Foreman, Paul Newman
Paramount Pictures