Country: UK
Year: 1958
Duration: 82'

Enter the quintessential Dracula of the silver screen: Christopher Lee, menacing and elegant, fierce and seductive. Sexual innuendos explode, the women bitten by the Count become more beautiful and lewd, red blood trickles down the cleavage, strict Victorian society is powerless, until the warlock-scientist Van Helsing arrives (a frigid Cushing). Fisher directs a lush movie which was considered shameless and almost subversive at the time, perfect for the imminent sexual revolution.


film director

Terence Fisher

Terence Fisher (London, UK, 1904-1980) started working in cinema as an editor and production director first, and then as a filmmaker, directing a wide variety of movies. After meeting in the Fifties the production company Hammer, he came up with a whole new genre of B movies mixing fantasy and horror, which made him famous. 


The Curse of Frankenstein (La maschera di Frankenstein, 1957), Horror of Dracula (Dracula il vampiro, 1958), The Revenge of Frankenstein (La vendetta di Frankenstein, 1958), The Hound of the Baskervilles (La furia dei Baskerville, 1959), The Mummy (La mummia, 1959), The Brides of Dracula (Le spose di Dracula, 1960), The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll (Il mostro di Londra, 1960), The Phantom of the Opera (Il fantasma dell'Opera, 1962), The Gorgon (Lo sguardo che uccide, 1964), Dracula: Prince of Darkness (Dracula, principe delle tenebre, 1966), Frankenstein Created Woman (La maledizione dei Frankenstein, 1967), Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (Distruggete Frankenstein!, 1969), Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (Frankenstein e il mostro dell'inferno, 1973).Terence Fisher, Antony Darnborough:The Astonished Heart (Lo spirito, la carne, il cuore, 1950), So Long at the Fair (Tragica incertezza, 1950).


& Credits

terence fisher
Regno Unito/UK, 1958, 82’, col.

Terence Fisher
dall’omonimo romanzo di/from the novel of the same title by Bram Stoker
Jimmy Sangster
Jack Asher
montaggio/film editing
Bill Lenny, James Needs
scenografia/production design
Bernard Robinson
James Bernard
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Peter Cushing (Dr. Van Helsing), Christopher Lee (Conte/Count Dracula), Michael Gough (Arthur Holmwood), Melissa Stribling (Mina Holmwood), John Van Eyssen (Jonathan Harker), Carol Marsh (Lucy)
Anthony Hinds
Hammer Films