by Alejandro Fernández Almendras
Country: Czech Republic, Chile, France, South Korea
Year: 2019
Duration: 93'

The world of a young theatre director in a small Czech town crumbles, after he decides torealize his dream – adapt an overly ambitious play based on Euripides classic Fedra. During rehearsals he loses his two main actors and falls for a young actress, Karolina. Tensions at his home grow. He’s not much of a present husband and a father. And to make things worse, municipality threatens to cut funding due to the play’s political content. The day of the premiere comes and our protagonist, abandoned by both of his women, desperately tries to save his masterpiece. However the play is a fiasco.


film director

Alejandro Fernández Almendras

Alejandro Fernandéz Almendras (Chile, 1971) got his degree in journalism at the University of Chile in 1996. His first feature, Huacho world premiered at Semaine de la critique in Cannes 2009. Sentados frente al fuego his second feature, premiered at the 2011 San Sebastián Film. Matar un hombre, his third feature film, won the Grand Jury Prize in the World Dramatic Competition at Sundance 2014 and garnered awards in a dozen festivals. The film was also Chile’s Official Candidate for the Oscar’s and the Goya Awards.


filmografia/ filmographyLo que trae la lluvia (cm, 2007), Huacho (2009), Sentados frente al fuego (2011), Matar un hombre (2014), Aquí no ha pasado nada (2016), Hra (2019).


film director

“I have always believed that stories are the ones who find authors, that it is chance that determines needs and circumstances of artistic creation. There are interests, desires, ideas, but above all there is a mysterious ingredient that allows all these elements to crystallize into a film. In this case it was my girlfriend, a Czech woman. She is the true reason and the main force behind this movie. Her life and family, her hometown, along with my own personal story in recent years, are the main inspirations for Hra.”


& Credits

Alejandro Fernández Almendras
Repubblica Ceca-Cile-Francia/Czech Republic-Chile-France, 2019, 94’, bn/bw

the play

regia, soggetto, sceneggiatura, montaggio/director, story, screenplay, film editing
Alejandro Fernández Almendras
fotografia, coproduttore/cinematography, coproducer
Inti Briones
scenografia/production design
Hynek Dřízhal
costumi/costume design
Veronika Moudrá
Klára Javoříková
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Jiří Mádl (Petr), Elizaveta Maximová (Karolina), Marika Šoposká (Kateřina), Sarah Haváčová (Martina), Jiří Štrébl (Pavel), Jana Zenáhlíková (Markéta), Vladimíra Benoni (Denisa), Petr Hois (Alex), Jaroslav Slánský (Janeček), Danica Jurčová (Alexandra), Jan Krafka (Jan), Adam Vacula (Ivan), Vojtěch Machuta (Radek), Hynek Dřízhal (Karel), Veronika Moudrá (Eva), Nikol Kouklová-Heřmánková (Andrea)
Veronika Finková, Augusto Matte, Bruno Bettati, Alejandro Fernández Almendras,
Guillaume De Seille
Film & Roll, Jirafa, Arizona Productions, Fernández Film
Jeonju Cinema Project, Magiclab, Sleepwalker

Film & Roll
Veronika Finková