by Demetrio Giacomelli
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Duration: 74'

A film about solitude and the good that might arise from it. Sometimes we find ourselves with our back to the wall and we have to get by with what we have in order to keep from slipping backward and, with a bit of luck, regain lost ground. Sometimes our past comes to our aid, with its baggage of behavior and meanings disseminated over time. When that happens, the Gathering Man might come back to visit us and walk by our side to the next camp.


film director

Demetrio Giacomelli

(Genoa, Italy, 1986) graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa. He first worked as an assistant director for the filmmaker Paolo Caredda on the documentaries Gli italiani e il fumetto and Fino all’estremo, produced by Sky Arte. He has participated at two editions of the Pesaro Film Festival, presenting the film Mal d’archivio in 2016 and, in 2017, Il secondino innamorato. In 2017, he made the documentary Diorama, produced by Controra Film, presented at the Torino Film Festival, where it received the award for Best Italian Documentary. In 2017, he made the sci-fi movie L’estinzione rende liberi, which won first prize in the section Prospettive at the Filmmaker Festival in Milan. In 2018, he made the movie Un’estate a Milano, which won the Jury Prize in the section Prospettive at the Filmmaker Festival in Milan. In 2018, he made the short Drive-in, presented at the Torino Film Festival just like the following L’uomo raccoglitore (2019).


Mal d’archivio (2016), Il secondino innamorato (mm, doc. 2017), Diorama (doc., 2017), L’estinzione rende liberi (doc., 2017), Un’estate a Milano (2018), Drive-in (cm, doc., 2018), L’uomo raccoglitore (2019), Lotta di classe - Il cinema dei ragazzi di Emilio Sidoti (doc, 2021).


film director

“We recount solitude to ourselves, first of all. It's the old story of the tree which doesn't fall if no one hears it. When there is no one else to bear witness to our existence, we try to do what we can with what is available. Cinema begins before the screen, in the memory projected inside our mind. Over time, something gets lost and something else is added, in the hope of encountering someone for whom all this might have value. And when, and if, we meet that someone, the words of solitude die in our mouth and the words of fellowship arrive. An image wanders, lost, in our recesses and, often without realizing it, we happen to catch its eye in hopes of not being judged.”


& Credits

demetrio giacomelli
Italia/Italy, 2019, 74’, col.

l’uomo raccoglitore

regia, fotografia, montaggio/director, cinematography, film editing
Demetrio Giacomelli
Hermes Rendina
interpreti /cast
Hermes Rendina, Demetrio Giacomelli, Luca Orecchia

Demetrio Giacomelli