Country: Japan
Year: 1964
Duration: 103'

The sensuality of bodies mixes with the horrors of war and the rustling and hisses of a large field of miscanthus (a grass which can grow over two meters tall), in which the protagonists of this Japanese horror classic kill, chase, and spy on each other. A well fills with corpses, a Buddhist demon appears among the foliage, but perhaps the most frightening of all is the onibaba (the old witch) who has become fierce and insensitive because of the misery of an endless war. Sinister and very tense.


& Credits

kaneto shindō
Giappone/Japan, 1964, 103’, bn/bw

regia, sceneggiatura, scenografia/director, screenplay, production design
Kaneto Shindō
da una fiaba buddista/from a Buddhist fairy tale
Kiyomi Kuroda
montaggio/film editing
Toshio Enoki
effetti speciali/special effects
Yoshio Kurihara
Hikaru Hayashi
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Nobuko Otowa (la madre di/mother of Kichi), Jitsuko Yoshimura (la moglie di/wife of Kichi), Kei Satō (Hachi), Taiji Tonoyama (Ushi), Hosui Araya (il seguace di/follower of Ushi), Jūkichi Uno (samurai)
Kindai Eiga Kyokai, Tokyo Eiga