Country: Turkey
Year: 2018
Duration: 3'

A video adaptation of her immersive installation of the same name and originates from Tenger’s memory of a fictional narrative that describes an ancient hunting ploy used by aristocrats. Under is about the feelings of being pushed down and coerced, and the normalization of those feelings, addressing both social and environmental injustices. “How have we adapted to the conditions of our time?”


film director

Hale Tenger

Hale Tenger is primarily known for her installations based on an elaborate combination of unconventional use of materials, audio, and video. Her wide range of production is inspired by diverse historical, political and psychosocial references. Presence and experience is a key element in her installations whether they create meditative atmospheres or uncanny ones. State power and violence, oppression and repressed aspects of both society and self are questioned throughout her works that operate with the qualities of mood, sound, texture and affect. The audience inevitably oscillates between one visualized situation and another sensed one: between what we can see and what we can hear and feel.


Ballons on the Sea (2011), Under (cm, 2018), Appearance (2019).


& Credits

hale tenger
Turchia/Turkey, 2018, 3’, col.


Hale Tenger