by Emanuela Ponzano
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 15'

We follow a young boy playing in a forest with some friends. Bit by bit, through his eyes, we see a distressed child of a different ethnic race, then a long line of people amassed together, police guards with dogs and a high wall covered with barbed wire. Where are we? and when?


film director

Emanuela Ponzano

(Brussels, Belgium) Belgian by birth, Italian by nationality, is a director, actress and author of cinema and theater. She divides her time working mainly between Rome, Brussels and Paris. She has completed her degree in Political Science at the ULB in Brussels and then studied dramatic arts at the Conservatoire Royal in Liège. After receiving many awards for her work in Belgian and Italian theatre, in 2008 she directed two shorts Bagnasciuga and Riflessi. In 2013 she has been part of the cast of Philippe Garrel’s La Jalousie, and in 2016 she directed the fiction short film La Slitta, selected at the Nastri d’argento in Italy. She is currently developing the script of her first feature film and a dark comedy series in Belgium.


Bagnasciuga (cm, 2008), Riflessi (cm, 2009), La slitta (cm, 2009), Save the Actors (cm, 2018), Una nuova prospettiva (cm, 2020).


film director

A New Perspective is a dramatic film of universal and historic appeal which sets out to record some of the all too topical events of recent times such as the refugees gathered at the gates of Europe. Events that are deeply and paradoxically linked to the same reasons that Europe was constructed after the war. It seeks to promote peace and a United Nations of Europe rather than a return to the horrors of concentration camps and a renewal of hatred and nationalism.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Emanuela Ponzano. SCREENPLAY: Emanuela Ponzano, Simone Riccardini. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Daniele Ciprì. FILM EDITING: Marco Spoletini. SET DESIGN: Cristina Bartoletti. MUSIC: Teho Teardo. SOUND: Davide Saggiorno. CAST: Zoltan Cservak, Sipoos Balazs Gyula, Mark Mozes, Donatella Finocchiaro, Ivan Franek, Allegra Michelazzo, Nadia Kibout, Vitaliano Trevisan, Leslie Csuth, Sebastiano Gavasso, Giacomo Santi, David Mastrullo, Diego de Francesco, Guido Laurini, Sergio Pereu. PRODUCTION: Redstring, Kaos, Offshore. DISTRIBUTION: Manifest, Elenfant Distibution.

Manifest Anais Colpin anais@manifest.pictures
Elenfant Distribution, Adam Selo elenfantdistribution@gmail.com