by Simone Bozzelli
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Duration: 19'

A mother wants to play with her son who won’t speak to her. A boy wants to find out what his friend gave to a girl who is thinner than him. A cat has disappeared. But these are only games.


film director

Simone Bozzelli

(Silvi, Italy, 1994) was born in Silvi, province of Teramo. He moved to Milan and graduated at NABA in Media Design and Multimedia Art. He wrote and directed the shorts My Brother (2015) and Loris Is Fine (2017), both presented at many international film festivals. Since 2018 he is studying Film Directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome. His two last short films, Amateur (2019) and J’ador (2020), have been in competition at the 34th and 35th Venice International Critics Week, with J’ador awarded at Best Short Film.


Mio fratello (cm, 2015), Loris sta bene (cm, 2017), Amateur (cm, 2019), J’ador (cm, 2020), La moglie del pittore (cm, 2021), Giochi (cm, 2021).


film director

“To throw yourself in the arms of empty space is to chase, with desperate obstinacy, that sublime utopia called love. The desperate determination to let your own emotions live at any cost, breaking every personal and social conviction one step at a time: love does nothing but feed off of constant games of control and submission. Perhaps only when we feel pure desperation with our own hands, we understand that the art of being together is also the art of staying apart. Until one of the two no longer wants to “play.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Simone Bozzelli. SCREENPLAY: Simone Bozzelli, Tommaso Favagrossa. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Callum Begley. FILM EDITING: Christian Marsiglia. SET DESIGN: Alessia Duranti. SOUND: Francesco Murano. CAST: Luka Zunic, Marzia Barbarossa, Andrea Montini, Francesco Palmieri. PRODUCTION: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production

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