by Paco Plaza
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Duration: 100'

Susana has to leave her life in Paris working as a model to return to Madrid. Her grandmother Pilar has just had a stroke. Years ago, when Susana’s parents died, her grandmother had brought her up as if she were her own daughter. Susana needs to find someone to take care of Pilar, but what should have been only a few days with her grandmother will end up turning into a terrifying nightmare.


film director

Paco Plaza

(Valencia, Spain, 1973), focused on fantasy and horror movies, started out with short films like Abuelitos (1999) and Puzzles (2001), before making his feature debut with El segundo nombre (Second Name, 2002), winner of the Silver Méliès at Sitges Festival. The film was followed by Romasanta (2004), winner of the Silver Biznaga for Best Cinematography at Malaga Festival, as well as two Goya nominations. In 2017, with Jaume Balageró, he co-directed Rec, which went on to become a huge international success and generated a saga ([Rec]², 2009, co-directed with Balagueró, and [Rec]³: Génesis, 2011, directed by Plaza’s himself). In 2017 Verónica won the Goya for Best Sound and harnessed another six nominations. In 2019 Quien a hierro mata carried off the Goya for Best New Actor for Enric Auquer. Las abuela premiered in San Sebastian Film Festival, in main competition.


Tropismos (cm, 1995), Tarzán en el Café Lisboa (cm, 1997), Abuelitos (cm, 1999), Puzzles (cm, 2001), OT: la película (2002), El segundo nombre (2002), Romasanta (I delitti della luna piena, 2004), Películas para no dormir: Cuento de navidad (Film per non dormire - Racconto di Natale, film TV, 2005), Rec (id., coregia Jaume Balagueró, 2007), [Rec]² (id., coregia Jaume Balagueró, 2009), [Rec]³ Génesis ([Rec]³ - La genesi, 2012), Ultravioleta (cm, 2014), erónica (Veronica, 2017), Quien a hierro mata (Occhio per occhio, 2019), La abuela (2021).


film director

“During the movie's prologue, nobody talks. Moreover, you don't hear the grandmother's footsteps, it's as though the woman is floating or is weightless... You can only appreciate this type of detail at the movies; this is why, if we want to continue making movies for the cinema, we have to offer something that is different from domestic viewing. Just now, TV productions are very good and they have launched a sort of challenge. We are called on to do something different because, in an hour and a half, you can never develop complex characters like the ones created by people who have perhaps four seasons at their disposal. On that territory, they have won. Can we do better? I don't think so, and so we have to try other paths.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Paco Plaza. SCREENPLAY: Carlos Vermut. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Daniel Fernández-Abelló. FILM EDITING: David Gallart. SET DESIGN: Laia Ateca. MUSIC: Fátima Al Qadiri. CAST: Almudena Amor, Vera Valdez, Karina Kolokolchykova, Chacha Huang. PRODUCTION: Apache Films, Les Films du Worso, Atresmedia Cine.

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