by Domenico Procacci
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Duration: 74'

Between 1976 and 1980, Italy's national tennis team, composed of Adriano Panatta, Corrado Barazzutti, Paolo Bertolucci, and Tonino Zugarelli, made the Davis Cup finals four times. They only won once, in 1976 against Chile, in a match marked by great controversy over whether the tournament should be played in the country ruled by the dictator Pinochet. They lost in ’77 against Australia, in ’79 against the United States, and in ’80 against Czechoslovakia. In the first two finals, the non-playing captain is a legend of Italian tennis, Nicola Pietrangeli, who played as a finalist in '60 and in '61, and was then dismissed after the team's defeat in Australia. He is the fifth protagonist of this story.


film director

Domenico Procacci

(Bari, 1960) founded Fandango in 1989 and since then has produced over one hundred movies, participating at numerous festivals and winning many prizes, including two Grand Prizes of the Jury at Cannes with Gomorra (2008) and Reality (2012) by Matteo Garrone. Nanni Moretti, Paolo Sorrentino, Michelangelo Antonioni, Emir Kusturica, Rolf De Heer, Milcho Mancevski, Emanuele Crialese, Richard Lowenstein, Gabriele Muccino, Francesca Comencini, Daniele Vicari, Luciano Ligabue, Ferzan Ozpetek, Susanna Nicchiarelli, Pietro Castellitto, François Girard, Tim Roth, and Richard J. Lewis are just a few of the directors with whom Fandango has worked. With Fandango TV, he also produced the programs Parla Con Me; The Show Must Go Off; Gazebo; Propaganda Live; the miniseries L’Oriana and Limbo; the series Gomorra, co-produced with Cattleya and Sky; L’amica geniale; the HBO-RAI series co-produced with Wildside, Luna Nera; Luna Park; and La vita bugiarda degli adulti for Netflix; and L’Alligatore with Rai Fiction. Fandango is also a publishing company (Fandango Libri), a record label (Radiofandango), a film distribution company, and an International Sales Company. Una squadra is his first - and almost certainly his only - work as a director.


Una squadra (doc, 2021)


film director

“We tell the story of a team. But it's a different, fragmented team, with difficult relationships that are sometimes confrontational, both among the players and with those who guide and train them. A team, a national team, that, the moment victory is within reach, is opposed and attacked by its own country. And despite all this, it was the strongest team in the world in those years.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Domenico Procacci. SCREENPLAY: Domenico Procacci, Lucio Biancatelli, Sandro Veronesi. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Gherardo Gossi. FILM EDITING: Giogiò Franchini. MUSIC: Mauro Pagani. CAST: Adriano Panatta, Corrado Barazzutti, Paolo Bertolucci, Tonino Zugarelli, Nicola Pietrangeli, Jaime Fillol, Patricio Cornejo, Felipe Bianchi. PRODUCERS: Domenico Procacci, Laura Paolucci. PRODUCTION: Fandango.

CONTACT: Fandango fandango@fandango.it