by Costanza Quatriglio
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Duration: 116'

Irene is a researcher at an important Italian institute of experimental veterinary medicine. She has a lovely family and a great passion for her work, which she conducts with intelligence and farsightedness, as she studies epidemics among animals that could also endanger the health of human beings. But because of a legal investigation conducted over the course of several years, her life is destined to change.


film director

Costanza Quatriglio

(Palermo, Italy, 1973) made her debut in feature films with The Island, which was selected at Cannes’ Quinzaine des réalisateurs in 2003 and received several other awards. At the Venice Film Festival that same year, she presented Racconti per l’isola: a documentary about the making of The Island and working with non-professional actors. Among her recent projects, Ècosaimale? won an award at the Torino Film Festival in 2000. She presented Terramatta (2012) at Venice Days and won the Nastro d’argento for best documentary film. In 2013, her short Con il fiato sospeso was screened in the out of competition section of the Venice Film Festival ans the following Triangle (2014) as well. With the shocking documentary 87 ore (2015) she then told the tragic story of Francesco Mastrogiovanni. In 2018 she presente at Locarno Film Festival Sembra mio figlio, then awarded with a Ciak d’oro, and in 2021 she directed the tv movie La bambina che non voleva cantare, a biopic about Italian singer Nada. Since 2019 she is artistic director of the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia, Palermo section.


Rewind (cm, video, 1995), Lettera a Monsieur Cinema (cm, video, 1995), Rubinetti raccordi (cm, video, 1996), L’albero (cm, 1997), Anna! (cm, 1998), Il giorno che ho ucciso il mio amico soldato (cm, 1999), Una sera (cm, 2000), Ècosaimale? (2000), L’insonnia di Devi (cm, 2001), L’isola (2003), Racconti per L’isola (doc., 2003), Il mondo addosso (doc., 2006), Il mio cuore umano (doc., 2009), Terramatta (doc., 2012), Con il fiato sospeso (mm, 2013), Triangle (doc., 2014), 87 ore (doc, 2015), Sembra mio figlio (2018), Palermo Sospesa (2020), La bambina che non voleva cantare (tv, 2021), Trafficante di virus (2021).


film director

“A woman at the center of an existential, professional, and legal incident that has the emotional atmosphere of a psychological thriller. Talent and intelligence aren't enough to protect her from the invisible enemies that surround her, pushing her into a labyrinth that is hard to name. The story of Irene, who studies the danger of viruses jumping species (from animals to humans), regards Italy but also the entire world. Today, now that we are living in a pandemic, this story has the flavor of a prophecy and, as such, the movie's narrative climate could only be the disorientation caused by the irreversible damage, which is both individual and collective. A very Italian story.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Costanza Quatriglio. SCREENPLAY: Francesca Archibugi, Costanza Quatriglio (tratto dal libro di Ilaria Capua Io, trafficante di virus). CINEMATOGRAPHY: Sabrina Varani. FILM EDITING: Luca Gasparini. SET DESIGN: Paolo Bonfini. MUSIC: Luca D’Alberto. SOUND: Vincenzo Urselli. CAST: Anna Foglietta, Michael Rodgers, Andrea Bosca, Roberto Citran, Paolo Calabresi, Luigi Diberti, Isabel Russinova. Beatrice Fedi. Fulvio Falzarano. Alberto Basaluzzo. Francesco Biscione. Nadia Brustolon. PRODUCTION: Picomedia, Medusa Film. CO-PRODUCTION: Prime Video, Trentino Film Commission.

CONTACT: Medusa Film info@medusa.it