by Loris Giuseppe Nese
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Duration: 12

There are districts filled with a bad moon. A mother is working as a caretaker for elder people at their residences, where the hands’ ticking signals the working day clock, among the sounds of heavy breaths that heighten the fear of the void…


film director

Loris Giuseppe Nese

(Salerno, Italy, 1991) is an Italian author, cinematographer and directing animator. He co-founded the Production group Lapazio Film. Loris Giuseppe has a MA in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production at the University of Bologna. His experience includes short films, videoclips, films for several different agencies; for instance, he has worked as a stop-motion animator for Rai group and Motta, and as an author and comics illustrator for the magazine Fabrique du Cinéma. He made his directional debut with Quelle brutte cose (2018), selected at the Sundance Film Festival and awarded at the Venice Film Festival. Veronica non sa fumare by Chiara Marotta (2020) is a short film he wrote and directed as a cinematographer, that won the Best Short Film at the International Week of Critics.


Quelle brutte cose (cm, 2018), Malumore (cm, 2020).


film director

“Where do I come from? I always try to ask myself this question as I approach a new project. In recalling my childhood memory, I wanted to represent the feeling of instability that defines certain districts of my hometown, and to recognize the complexity of a specific context that I’ve been able to see closely through the years. In collaboration with Chiara Marotta, I’ve collected the “voices” of this grassroots district in order to assemble a sound archive that could deliver moods and wishes of part of the city. These documentary elements are elaborated through a fictional pattern, at a time taking the shape of a fable, deeply subjective and blended with memory.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Loris Giuseppe Nese. FILM EDITING: Chiara Motta. MUSIC, SOUND: Davide Maresca. CAST: Rossella De Martino, Patrizia Scannapiecoro, Davide Maresca. PRODUCTION: Lapazio Film.

CONTACTS: Chiara Marotta chiara.marotta17@gmail.com